Boots and Barnyard Boogie

Written by Rachel Reinsch

Illustrated by Monique Cheri Welsh

About the Author

Rachel Reinsch


Rachel Reinsch is a dance educator for the New York City Department of Education with a Master's Degree in Special Education. She has 20 years of experience teaching dance and is passionate about young children's ability to express themselves through movement and dance.  Rachel learned about clubfoot while pregnant with her first child, Maximus.  After he was born, she found a doctor familiar with the Ponseti method, the standard practice for correcting his deformity. After a series of casts, Max was given a brace known as boots and bar, which he had to wear 23 hours a day for three months. Afterward, he was able to switch to night time wear (12 hours while he sleeps).  At less than one year old, Max is already crawling up stairs, standing on his own, and beginning to walk with assistance. Soon he will be dancing with his pets and doing the barnyard boogie!  

A portion of all sales will go to MiracleFeet is bringing the low-cost, nonsurgical care for club foot, routinely provided in advanced health systems, to low-income countries.